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Blurb Book Bonanza

May 2, 2011

Blurb book #1 – Zoo by Sara King

For a class assignment we were to make a blurb book from It can be any photographs of our own that we choose, as long as we want and any size we desire. Basically just make a damn book. Because of scheduling difficulties, mine took awhile to arrive. I took a small series of about 10 photos that I had taken last semester. They are all black and white photographs I took during one day at the San Diego Zoo. I also made the book with and intent to give it to my mother as a gift for always being there for me and paying for all of my photography expensives throughout college. It is a small 7×7 paperback square book. I am happy with how it turned out. The blurb book software was easy to use but took a little while to get use to it. The only thing I wasn’t happy about was the image quality. The prints were obvi not at all like the prints I made on my own, but I would’ve liked them to be a bit more crisper. And thankfully mother’s day is this weekend so it will no longer be hiding under papers on my desk for eternity.

Blurb book #2 – Review of another student’s book – Come Together by Rudy Frank

For the same book assignment, a classmate Rudy Frank made this book. Blurb has the option to make your book purchasable to the public and so thats why we can view Rudy’s book. He complied photographs from a music festival he attended and documented while he was a participant. The photographs narrate a kind of day in the life of a music festival in the forest. I have never been to one before so these images were a new experience for me. The images showed the types of people that attended this specific music festival, the fashions, the things they do, the stages where music takes place and the places they sleep and hangout during the down time.

Just like my book, the only thing I think that can be improved is the image quality. There were some photographs that were stretched out across both pages (his book is landscape) and were very pixilated. It really distracted me from the photo itself. Knowing this was his first blurb book, it was a great job. Its hard trying to know what will arrive at your doorstep when all you can do is place the photos, pick page colors, size everything and hope that it comes out the way you hoped.


Family Photos

April 5, 2011

Ever since I can remember, my mother has always been taking photos of me. There is a HUGE box of photos in her upstairs closet that are mostly photos of me. These have come in handy for past birthdays where my mother scanned and printed the most embarrassing photos she has of my from my youth and plastered them on the dinning room wall for all of my friends to see. It was a hit. Just recently she got a really nice photo scanner, so she is scanning them and making a few books for my grandmother of all photos of me. One is all photos of me in past Halloween costumes since I was really little. The other book is all photos of me making ugly faces or picking my nose. Or just photos that are not the most attractive. My mom has that great sense of humor.

Looking at all of my family photographs, a lot is missing. There are very few photos of me and my mother, a select few of my mother’s side of the family, and none of my father or his side of the family. (That’s a whole other story.) I really wish there were more of my mother and me. I wish I had accessed my photography skills at the age of 5 so that I could look upon photos of the 2 of us and be reminded of the places we went and the things that we did. I think thats why I photograph so much of my daily life today, so that the memories will never be lost. The things we did, the places we go and the faces we made are forever frozen.


Response To Porn Class Discussion

April 4, 2011

On a nice Arizona spring day, our class decided to take a stroll through campus and sit outside under the sun in the grass and talk about sex and porn. We started by looking at an article that addressed the topic of the effect that the internet and the way that we communicate in todays world lead to people having sex at a younger age. The photographs in the article were of behind the scenes shots of girls (which the article mentioned were over the age of 18) posing in the bedrooms, usually pulling up or down articles of clothing while taking photos of themselves to send to others or to put on the internet.

I don’t think because the internet is making it easier for people to be more sexual that it leads to more younger people having sex at a younger age. From personal experience and knowledge, people who are actually having sex, usually aren’t the ones posting about it on their facebook or myspace pages. The people who post skanky photos of themselves are the ones who wish they were having sex but aren’t actually ready for sexual acts. They like to entertain the idea that when they put sexy photos of themselves out there that people will respond in a positive way reenforcing what they are doing and making them feel sexy. Its all about the responses they receive. Those people would not be taking those images if it weren’t for the internet and all the creeps who patrol it just to comment on sexy photos f young girls to encourage them to take more so they have something to look at while they wack off in their parent’s basement.


24 Hour Photo Project

April 4, 2011

The 24 hour project was about taking a photo of every photograph we saw within a 24 hour period. We could make up our own rules about screens and digital photographs that we saw. I chose to document each separate webpage that had photographs on them along with all the actual, real-life photographs that I came across. It was a time consuming project but turned out to be quite interesting. I only came out of it with about 40ish images. It was a slow day at home and on campus for me. If I were to do it again, I would photograph every individual photo I saw. I kind of just grouped them all in one photo if I could. That way, the viewer would really get a sense of how many photos I see every day. (And how many times I check my facebook and all the people that I stalk on facebook haha.)

Work Flow

March 20, 2011

In my daily life I’d like to think that I am pretty organized. Okay, well other than my room (which looks like a tornado hit it), I’ve usually got my shit together. When it comes to editing my digital photos and organizing them, I take it very seriously. Adobe Lightroom is probably one of the best things since the camera itself. I could not function without Lightroom. I can’t even remember what life was like for me before Lightroom. Most likely it was a mess of digital image files floating around on my hard drive with horrible non describing names like tree.jpg. Such a hot mess.

But before I can even get into describing how I use Lightroom, first comes the external hard drive. The Holy Grail to any photographer. Our external hard drives, are where we keep all of our images. Basically it is the new negative sleeves since everything went digital. Its the one thing (besides my camera, and my fav pair of platform heals) that I would grab if there was a fire in my building. Seriously, my entire life is stored on that thing. If anything happened to it (knock on wood! DO IT! KNOCK FOR ME) the whole world would go deaf because of my painfully loud and obnoxious screaming and crying. Not joking.

My first step is to make a folder on my external hard drive that decribes what the fold will hold. The last folder I made was titled, 00054_22nd_birfday. The set of numbers before the describing words are so that all the folders are in order of when I made them. Then I upload and copy the images from my memory card to the corresponding folder. Inside that folder I make another one called, Edited. We will come back to that baby later.

I take all the RAW files and drag them into Lightroom. I then use Lightroom’s starring system and rate my photos a one or zero. An image gets a one if it grabs my attention and I would like to edit it further. Once I’ve gone through all my photos, I then click to button to view all the photos I rated at a number one. Then I proceed to edit their exposure and color and all that jazz. Everything that you have learned you can do in Photoshop, I do in Lightroom. Me and Lightroom just get along better than me and Photoshop. Basically, Lightroom and I are dating and Photoshop is just way to complicated for me to handle so I’ll let someone who can appreciate their strengths swoop it off their feet and take them away into the sunset.

After I finish editing my photos in Lightroom, I then export them to the folder I made titled Edited that lives in the folder 00054_22nd_birfday. That way they are really close to the RAW files and won’t get separation anxiety. Lightroom also makes it so easy as to weather I want to export the files as JPGs or PSDs. I can also rename the edited files. I usually keep the given name, IMG9839.jpg and rename it edited_IMG9839.jpg. That way if I need to find the RAW file, it’ll be really easy and fast.

And that, is how I organize my digital images. YAAAAAAAAAY ME :D. At least something in my life is organized!


P.S. Sara King & Lightroom = ❤ 4ever

Review of Sarah Denney’s 838

February 15, 2011

Sarah Denney’s 838 project

First of all I though it was interesting she started off with this disclaimer: “I realized that they are just self-indulgent and reminiscent of a facebook album with quippy captions so I’ll pass on them.” Because, thats exactly what I did with my photos, added self indulgent captions, haha.

Looking at her photos, I get a really great sense that she is constantly driving and working. Maybe its because I don’t drive that it seems like she is always driving, but there are lots of interior shots of her car. I bet my 838 would’ve had driving shots too, if I drove. It also looks like she works a lot. And that she kind of has a badass job where she wears bullet proof vests and sees women shooting guns. I also get a feel that she uses her computer and iPad (jealous!) often. Hey, if I had an iPad, I’d be using it too.

Sarah’s life seems very busy and on the go. If she’s not sleeping, working or eating, she’s on her way to doing one of those things. Her photos were very insightful to her daily life.


January 31, 2011

Class assignment: take a photo everyday at 8am, 3pm & 8pm. Ready? Here I go!

1/19/11 8am. Barely awake or aware.

1/19/11 3pm. Playing dress up at work.

1/19/11 8pm. Guilty pleasures.

1/20/11 8am. Asleep.

1/20/11 3pm. Haircut & blow out.

1/20/11 8pm. Senior Exhibition class.

1/21/11 8am. Dreaming.

1/21/11 3pm. My favorite tattoo on BFF, Carrie.

1/21/11 8pm. Cleanse.

1/22/11 8am. Tired.

1/22/11 3pm. Bike ride.

1/22/11 8pm. Straightening hair.

1/23/11 8am. Sleeping.

1/23/11 3pm. Tooth cleanse.

1/23/11 8pm. Let it shine.

1/24/11 8am. Back to sleep.

1/24/11 3pm. Nap.

1/24/11 8pm. Rosita's cheese crisp dinner date.

1/25/11 8am. Sleepy.

1/25/11 3pm. Betsy facebooking herself during "The Image in Cyberspace" class.

1/25/11 8pm. Unloading groceries.

1/26/11 8am. Sleepover with him & Britney.

1/26/11 3pm. Boss lady at work.

1/26/11 8pm. Deciding what to wear for a girls night out.

1/27/11 8am. Bed head.

1/27/11 3pm. Class talk.

1/27/11 8pm. Doodling during class.

1/28/11 8am. Eye closed.

1/28/11 3pm. Laundry day.

1/28/11 8pm. Hands & feet.

1/29/11 8am. Never awake this early.

1/29/10 3pm. People watching at work.

1/29/11 8pm. My messy desk.

1/30/11 8am. Zzzzzzzzzz.

1/30/11 3pm. Tiny Tillamook cheese van.

1/30/11 8pm. Pool.